Commission Capital Provides Commission Advances For Realtors

Commission Capital in Toronto
provides commission advances in Toronto
Commission capital provides commission advances
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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question which we haven't covered below?  Give us a call at 1-888-391-7123 or email

Q.  What is a commission advance?
A.  This is a service whereby Commission Capital delivers up to 100% of a Realtor's net commission prior to closing (and as early as today!) less an industry low discount (details below).

Q.  What is the process for getting a commission advance?
A.  New client?  Start by completing and sending us a New Account Form located HERE, a process that should take no more than 10 minutes.  Returning client? It's a simple 3-step process that starts with completing and submitting a Commission Advance Request form located HERE.

Q.  When can I submit a Commission Advance Request?

A.  Anytime from the moment a sale becomes firm and unconditional up to the closing date.

Q.  How long will it take for me to receive a commission advance?

A.  Typically, the approval process can take a little as an hour and funding is done on the same day.  Unlike our competitors, Commission Capital is open 7 days a week.  Why wait until Monday to secure your commission advance?

Q.  How much will the commission advance cost me?

A.  Commission Capital offers the lowest rates in Canada.  The cost of the commission advance is based on a daily interest rate multiplied by the $ amount and period of time requested by the real estate agent.  There are no hidden fees or set-up fees for this service.  If you are a first time client, you can take advantage of our Special Offer whereby we will apply our Special Rate of $0.59/$1,000/day on your first advance.  As an example, you could receive a $5,000 advance for as little as $88.50 (for 30 days).

Q.  What is the Special Offer for new clients?

A.  We are offering to advance all first time clients using our Special Rate of $0.59/$1,000/day!  As an example, a first time client could receive a $5,000 advance for as little as $88.50 for 30 days.  Please click HERE to learn more.​ 

Q. How much can I advance on my commission?
A. Up to 100% of your net commission.  Commission Capital will consider all commission sizes, no minimum or maximum restrictions.

Q.  Is there a minimum or maximum commission advance requirement?

A.  No, there is no deal that is too small or large for us - we will consider all amounts.

Q.  Are your commission advances subject to a maximum closing period?

A.  No, we will consider any transaction, even deals that have long closing periods.

Q. Can I advance on more than one sale?
A.  Yes, there is no limit on the number of commissions that can be advanced by our valued customers.

Q. What type of real estate transactions do you provide advances for? 

A. We currently provide commission advances on residential properties in Canada.  While not apart of our core business, we do provide advances on commercial sales and new construction deals but these are done on a case-by-case basis.

Q.  How do I receive my commission advance?
A.  In an effort to maximize your convenience, we offer a range of delivery methods including electronic bank transfer or cheque.  In each instance, the funds will be available to you immediately and will not be subject to any holds.

Q.  How is my commission advance repaid once the property closes?
A.  Our goal is to make this part of the process as convenient as possible for you.  We will work with your office's administration team to repay the advance amount and forward any outstanding balances to you.

Q. What if my real estate deal is delayed or does not close?
A. In the improbable event that your real estate transaction is delayed or terminated, and you are unable to repay the amount owing on the scheduled closing date, we will work with you and your office to recoup the advance on your next deal(s). Additional interest will be charged, however, we will work with you to ensure the advance is repaid as expeditiously as possible. 

Q: Are your fees tax deductible?
A: Yes, in many instances, our fees may be tax deductible, however, you should discuss this with your accountant.  If requested, Commission Capital can provide tax receipts on your commission advance.

Q.  Do you provide commission advances to brokers of record?

A.  Yes.

Q.  Will Commission Capital keep all the information I provide confidential?

A.  Absolutely.  We will keep all your information private and confidential and it will not be distributed or sold to a third party.  Our website is SSL certified so as to ensure your information is encrypted and safeguarded.

Q.  What assumptions were made for deriving Industry "All-in" Costs?

A.  Assumptions were based on publicly available information and Commission Capital estimates.  "All-in" cost calculated for $10,000 of Commission Purchased for 30 days.  Potential % savings is based on the Industry Average "All-in" cost relative to Commission Capital's New Client Special Rate of $0.59/$1,000 Commission Purchased/day.  Industry Average "All-in" cost is an illustrative calculation that includes the average of select Canadian commission advance companies and is calculated by summing all discounts, daily commission purchased rate charged, administration fees, filing fess, financing charges, non-refundable reserve funds, grace periods and other fees that may be included in calculating the cost of, in this instance, a $10,000 gross commission advance for the 30 day period from the start date of the commission advance to the scheduled closing date of the subject property.  Actual % savings may differ depending on which commission advance company or companies are selected for comparison.